We treat our K9 guests as if they were our own. With only 30 boarding spaces available, we can guarantee personalized attention. Our great team will assure that all guests enjoy their stay - play time with toys, one on one time and new friends!

Pricing - We keep it simple with all-inclusive offerings:

            *All Prices are per night, per dog – We offer Multiple dog discounts

Large Suite

  • Accommodates up to two dogs under 25 lbs. - $40.00

Extra Large Suite

  • Accommodates multiple small dogs and dogs over 25 lbs. - $45.00


  • Daily group play in our daycare program.  Dogs not suitable for group play receive private outings.
  • All feedings. However, you must bring your own food. We can accommodate raw diets and food that needs to be frozen or heated up.
  • Up to two medications.  Additional medications are $1.00 per administration or application.
  • Hugs and kisses.


  • Check-in anytime between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.


  • Check-out by 12:00 pm - $0.
  • Check-out after 12:00 pm - $25. Additional K9 are discounted.



Our suites are fully indoors and air conditioned. We begin outings at 6:30am to help prevent indoor accidents. Throughout the day, our guests are escorted to multiple outings in our courtyard.

We offer raised beds and recommend a soft microfiber blanket. An option we welcome is your K9’s own bedding.

Multiple dog families and giant breeds fit comfortably in our Extra Large Suites or in our playrooms.

Waterproof, rubber flooring throughout the facility provides comfort as opposed to hard, porous concrete floors.


Our overnight guests are only in their suites to eat and sleep. Several indoor play areas allow for roomy and continuous exercise for all play groups.

Our outdoor courtyard is cleaned during every outing and indoor areas are continuously cleaned throughout the day.

Suites are disinfected daily, so after a busy day of play our guests return to a clean, fresh suite.

We believe a loud facility is unhealthy for dogs. Excessive barking creates stress for the dog barking and other dogs around them. We assure that any dog who is unhappy in their suite is moved to another area where they will be content and quiet.


  • Security cameras monitor the facility 24 hours a day.
  • All flooring in the common areas and suites are non-slip.
  • Aggressive or unpredictable dogs are not permitted in the daycare group.
  • Play groups are organized by size and energy level.
  • Daycare groups are supervised by staff members.


Tours are available 10am – 12pm   |  Monday thru Saturday.

During high traffic times, customers checking in and out have priority, we ask for your understanding and patience. We utilize all of our hallways to move the playgroups of K9 guests to and from our play areas EVERY HOUR. Therefore, there may be a wait for a tour during our outing times.


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