Healthy skin and coat begins with regular grooming from a young age.  Our groomers, with their loving demeanor and commitment to your dog being comfortable, is part of our commitment to your loved one.  
We always ensure that your dog’s coat, teeth, ears and skin are taken into account during their groom and share our knowledge with personalized tips on how to upkeep the groom and maintain healthy habits.
Rates: Rates for our 12-Step Grooming Session vary depending on size and breed. We promise to provide upscale service and years of experience at competitive prices.
  1. Clean the ears ~ with an all-natural ear cleaner to gently remove dirt and excess ear wax.
  2. Shave the pads ~ on the feet to keep them clean.
  3. Sanitary shave ~ (if necessary) to keep the privates clean when your puppy goes potty.
  4. Express anal glands ~ (if necessary) external.
  5. Trim and/or dremel nails ~ until smooth.
  6. Pre-bath brush out ~ and dematting if necessary *Extra charges may apply
  7. Check for fleas, ticks, lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin lesions and any abnormalities ~ from nose to tail that may need medical attention.
  8. Bathe your pet with a top quality shampoo ~ that will gently clean the skin and coat without stripping away natural body oils. This will re-moisturize and condition the skin and coat.
  9. Apply conditioner ~ (if necessary) after your dog is bathed leaving the skin moisturized and the coat feeling nice and soft.
  10. Dry your doggie ~ We use a high velocity hand dryer to remove excess hair and dry the coat.  If hand drying appears stressful for your dog, he/she will be cage dried and brushed by hand to remove loose hair. *CAGE DRYING IS DONE IN A FULLY VENTILATED AREA AND MONITORED AT ALL TIMES.
  1. Finish with a Breed Specific Cut/Trim ~ to your specifications upon consultation completion.
  2. Apply a colorful bow or bandanna (optional).






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